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Cigarette Articles


Why do people smoke? There are plenty of different reasons; some of them are explained in this article.

Often women begin to smoke hoping to become thinner.

woman smoking cigarettes

Nicotine belongs to the stimulative group substance; it augments a “consumption part” of the metabolism, simultaneously reducing the appetite.

The teenagers attempts to begin smoking are rooted in psychological reasons - it may be an attempt to show they are mature already, or it is caused by negative family conditions.

The smoke smell reminds of habitual associations and helps to adapt in an unfamiliar environment.

Smoking can be regarded as an element of fashion or a means of escapism (especially when people feel their helplessness in any life aspect), and even a peculiar way or a method to express an appreciation to one’s cult figures or beloved persons.

And at last calming cigs effect is conditioned actually by the fact that the cigarette is in your mouth, as all nicotine therapies are based on resembling physical aspect of smoking.