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Ahram Black Currant Hookah Tobacco
Ahram Captain Black Hookah Tobacco
Ahram Cherry Hookah Tobacco
Ahram Energy Drink Hookah Tobacco
Ahram Honey Melon Hookah Tobacco
Cheap Ahram Jasmine Hookah Tobacco (10 Packs x 50 Grams) online
Ahram Mint Hookah Tobacco
Ahram Red Wine Grape Hookah Tobacco
Ahram Two Apples Hookah Tobacco

Ahram cigarettes

Ahram Hookah Tobacco brand is one of the latest brands, we introduced to our stock in order to keep up with the requirements of our adult customers, who like smoking hookah pipe.

Ahram hookah Tobacco

Ahram shisha tobacco is manufactured by Goldline Tobacco, an Italian-Moldovan joint stock company, which specializes on production of premium quality pipe and hookah tobacco.

The products made by Goldline Tobacco are selling in more than 20 markets across the world! The variety of flavors is remarkably wide, as there are more than 20 different flavors, offered by Ahram hookah tobacco, including the most exotic flavors.

Hardly any tobacconist can match such diversity in products. The manufacturer uses the finest tobaccos, advanced processing equipment and premium molasses, to produce a real masterpiece of tobacco product.

In our tax-free tobacco shop, Ahram Hookah Tobacco is selling in 9 amazing flavors:

Ahram Two Apples Hookah Tobacco is the most popular flavor, considered the golden standard in hookah tobacco segment. The combination of sweet red apple and tangy flavor of green apple gives flawless smoking pleasure, you will never experience in other brands.

Ahram Red Wine Grape Tobacco is one of the most refined and luxurious flavors in the assortment of Ahram hookah tobaccos. Fresh grape mixed with aromatic premium red wine deliver a truly unprecedented flavor, which will delight even the most fastidious smokers.

Ahram Honey Melon delivers the exotic flavor of melon and sweet honey aroma, which together form a unique balanced taste and astonishing fragrance.

Ahram Mint Hookah Tobacco is one of the best-selling hookah tobaccos. It offers a cool and minty flavor, which works perfectly when mixed with other flavors, as it gives a refreshing aftertaste.

Ahram Black Currant is one of the traditional hookah flavors, with a delicious and invigorating smoke and slightly sour taste.

Ahram Jasmine Hookah Tobacco is the real jewel in the family of Ahram tobaccos. It has a superb taste and gentle aroma, which fills the room with a smoke, smelling so delicious which you will barely oppose the temptation to puff it.

Ahram Captain Black Hookah Tobacco is a perfect choice for men, as it gives a rich rum-dipped flavor and bracing smoke. It would be an ideal companion for a quality bachelor party.

Ahram Cherry Hookah Tobacco is one of the most popular flavors of Ahram tobaccos. It has a unique and sweet flavor to offer as well as an intense smoke, which would satisfy even the most exacting hookah lovers.

Ahram Energy Drink Hookah Tobacco has an exotic fragrance made up of the fresh fruit and candy flavorings.

Experience the superb taste of the best Ahram hookah tobaccos!