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Armada Red cigarettes
    • Armada Red
    • price per carton: $17.52 $13.26

Armada Blue cigarettes
    • Armada Blue
    • price per carton: $17.52 $13.26

Armada cigarettes

Armada is a low-cost cigarette brand of high quality, manufactured in Russia. This discount tobacco product is very popular in many countries, including Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Indonesia.

Discount Armada Cigarettes

The name of the brand can be translated from Spanish as ‘Naval Forces’, which has a allegoric meaning, symbolizing that Armada cigarettes are created especially for brave men.

Currently, Armada brand is owned by Innovation Tobacco, a prominent tobacconist based in London, United Kingdom, which has gained popularity among adult customers with such outstanding product as Kiss Super Slims.

Armada cigarettes are manufactured from premium quality tobacco grown in Russia, Turkey and Italy, and blended with honey and vanilla flavored aromatizing agents, to deliver a more balanced flavor and charming aroma to the cigarettes. In addition, these cigarettes were equipped with efficient filtering systems, thus, turning the process of smoking into a delightful experience.

In our discount cigarette store, tax-free Armada cigarettes are available in two styles:

Armada Red – super tobacco product, created for those adult smokers who appreciate bold and rich taste of full-flavored smoke

Armada Blue – ideal choice for those smokers, who prefer mild tobacco taste.

If you are looking for a low-priced cigarette brand with great flavor and magnificent taste, then Armada cigarette brand is definitely the one you need.

Features of Armada brand:

Type: American Blend,

Size: king-size (85mm)