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Astru Non-Filter cigarettes
    • Astru Non-Filter
    • price per carton: $7.49 $4.99

Astra Filters cigarettes
    • Astra Filters
    • price per carton: $14.38 $10.75

Astra Lux cigarettes
    • Astra Lux
    • price per carton: $14.38 $10.75

Astru cigarettes

Astra is one of the few tobacco brands offered at VeryCheapCigarettes.Com that is available in both non-filtered and filtered versions, giving adult smokers a great chance to select between these varieties of the same product, depending on their mood and requirements.

Astra cigarettes smoker

Astra cigarettes are manufactured by TUTUN-CTC a reputable Moldavian cigarette maker, which won great reputation among adult smokers around Europe thanks to the company’s best-selling cigarette brands Doina Temp and Cosmos.

TUTUN-CTC has a rich heritage in manufacture of genuine tobacco products of very high quality, impeccable flavor and affordable price.

Although the main style of this brand is Astru non-filter smoke the owner of this tobacco product decided to live up to the evolving expectations of those customer who prefer filtered smokes, and developed two great-quality additions to the brand line - Astra Filters and Astra Lux, which demonstrated showed an solid performance within just several months after their launch.

Therefore, all the requirements and wishes of even the most pretentious adult customers will be granted by one cigarette brand – Astra.

These low-cost cigarettes will be a magnificent choice for the brave men who are loyal to bolder smoking experience, rich flavor and invigorating and powerful aftertaste.

Astru non-filtered cigs ensure adult cigarette smokers a great chance to switch to a natural smoker made of pure tobacco, without any chemicals that ruin the real taste of genuine tobacco leaves.

Discount Astru cigarettes are manufactured from elite tobaccos and offer an outstanding smell and taste.

As regards the filtered styles, Astra Lux is the latest novelty created by TUTUN-CTC, wrapping the latest cigarette-making technologies and providing a smoke of elite quality, while Astra Filters contain the same tobacco blend as in Astru non-filter but are equipped with filters.

If you are interested in these products, simply visit our tax-free cigarette store, and buy Astru non-filtered cigarettes, or Astra Lux and Astra Filters at the lowest price around the web!