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Cheap Blood Red online
    • Blood Red
    • price per carton: $15.68 $11.41

Cheap Blood Gold online
    • Blood Gold
    • price per carton: $15.68 $11.41

Cheap Blood Blue online
    • Blood Blue
    • price per carton: $15.68 $11.41

Blood cigarettes

Blood cigarette brand was launched several months ago, as a high taste product developed especially for those adult smokers who are looking for a low-cost, but great quality cigarette.

low-cost Blood Cigarettes

The brand is manufactured by TUTUN-CTC, a fast-growing tobacco company, based in Chisinau, Moldova, which has already gained its reputation among smokers across more than 20 countries, thanks to such remarkable discount brands like Cosmos, Temp and MT.

Blood cigarettes are produced from more than 20 sorts of finely milled tobaccos, gathered in Turkey and Bulgaria, and mixed with Virginia tobaccos or local origin.

In order to make the flavor of Blood cigarettes even more tempting and rich, the manufacturer added reconstituted tobacco and tobacco leaf veins of premium quality to the base of tobacco blend.

At the final stage of production of Blood cigs, tobacco composition was blended with aromatizing agents of natural origin, developed by the tobacco experts invited from Switzerland and Czech Republic,

In addition, TUTUN-CTC experts also about the necessity to reduce the health risks associated with smoking, That is why the company equipped its newest Blood cigarettes with very effective mono-acetate filters, with advanced smoke-preventing capacities.

Blood cigarettes comply with all European standards of safety and requirements on the amounts on nicotine and tar, and provide the same amounts of nicotine like world-known cigarette brands.

Thus, if you are willing to try the low-cost Blood cigarettes Blood cigarettes online, please simply visit our tax-free cigarette store, and order this brand online at the lowest price around the web!

Blood cigarette brand is available in our online store in three versions -

  • Blood Red - 0.9mg of nicotine; 10 mg of tar;
  • Blood Blue - 0.7mg of nicotine; 9mg of tar;
  • Blood Gold - 0.5mg of nicotine; 7 mg of tar;

Properties of Blood brand:

  • Type : American Blend, king-size (85mm)
  • Country of Origin: Republic of Moldova