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Cheap Bomond Blue online
    • Bomond Blue
    • price per carton: $16.27 $12.26

Bomond cigarettes

Bomond brand of cigarettes is a totally new product on the international cigarette market, aspiring to win its loyal smoking audience by offering an excellent mixture of great quality and low price – a crucial factor for price-sensitive cigarette lovers.

cheap Bomond Cigarettes

Bomond smokes are produced in Moldova, by International Tobacco Company, a local cigarette maker, founded in 2005 and focused on producing top quality cigarette brands. The company makes use of innovative tobacco cutting, processing and blending technologies, which help to enhance the flavor of its products. At present, the brands, manufactured by International Tobacco Company are offered for sale in nearly 20 countries across Europe and Asia, including Bulgaria, Hungary, Turkey and others.

Bomond cigs are made from first-class tobaccos of Virginia and Burley sorts, which combined grant these cigarettes their distinctive bold and vivid flavor and soft smell of tobacco leaves cured by the sun. In addition, the brand represents American blend, thus, guaranteeing the classic taste, recognized as the golden standard across the cigarette-production industry.

The simple blue and white packs of these cigarettes provide additional charm to the overall look of this brand, a tobacco product with invigorating spirit and ferocious temper.

Adult smokers, who have already tried Bomond brand, admitted they enjoyed the bracing taste and rich aroma these low-cost cigarettes provide.

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Bomond cigarettes’ properties:

  • Length: 84mm (king-size)
  • Nicotine: 0.7mg
  • Tar: 6.0mg
  • Filter: acetate filters
  • Pack: hard pack, flip top box.
  • Manufacturer: International Tobacco

Bomond cigarettes – a really good deal!