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Marengo Forte cigarettes
    • Marengo Forte
    • price per carton: $26.20 $19.83

Marengo Piano сigarettes
    • Marengo Piano
    • price per carton: $26.20 $19.83

Marengo Legato cigarettes
    • Marengo Legato
    • price per carton: $26.20 $19.83

Marengo Slims cigarettes
    • Marengo Slims
    • price per carton: $22.71 $17.03

Marengo cigarettes

The finest Marengo cigarette brand is the ultimate creation of TUTUN-CTC, Moldavian cigarette maker, notable for its flagship low-cost Doina cigarette brand, which already gained popularity among American adult smokers who turned to online cigarette shopping.

Marengo cigarette brand is an exquisite tobacco product created by the manufacturer’s expert team in a close cooperation with the P. Lehman Consulting group, which worked together for almost a year developing this work of art of Moldovan tobacco industry.

Lady smoking cigarette

Marengo’s unique tobacco blend includes carefully blended 30 finest tobaccos grown in South America and Africa blended with premium quality flavoring agents. This authentic tobacco composition delivers a ravishing, bracing and smooth flavor, captivating aroma and subtle aftertaste that turn the process of smoking Marengo cigarettes into a simply unforgettable experience.

The manufacture also thought about the safety of these cigarettes, equipping them with the most advanced and efficient filter technologies, raising the safety to the highest level, in order to protect smokers from dangerous chemicals and let them enjoy smoking Marengo cigarettes without worrying about health complications.

Ravishing and elegant pack design, magnificent quality and other features reasoned the enormous success of Marengo brand which came shortly after its introduction to European tobacco market.

In addition, the Marengo brand won golden medal at the “Tabacex Exhibition” held in 2009 in Prague, Czech Republic, where this brand was named the best new-comer in the premium cigarette segment.

As Marengo cig brand is growing to become a serious competitor in its category, our discount cigarette store gives adult smokers a great opportunity to order Marengo cigarettes online at the lowest price and benefit from their exclusive quality while supplies last.

Marengo Cigarettes are selling in four varieties: