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Nistru Non-Filter cigarettes
    • Nistru Non-Filter
    • price per carton: $7.52 $5.02

Nistru cigarettes

Today cigarette companies have been focused on filtered cigarette brands, almost forgetting about non-filtered smokes, which have been preferred by many adult smokers around the world, thus making it very difficult to find a high quality non-filtered cigarette on the market.

Nistru cigarettes smoker

This is why is proud to provide adult smokers with a chance to try generic Nistru non-filtered cigarettes one of the leading non-filter brands available in online cigarette shops.

This low-cost smoking product would be a great offering for those tobacco aficionados, who prefer real tobacco like the one in non-filtered cigarettes.

Nistru cig brand is a product of TUTUN-CTC a eminent tobacco giant from Moldova that gained its high reputation as well as international awards thanks to the authentic elite quality tobacco products it manufactures.

The superior quality of Nistru smokes is the result of blending elite sorts of semi-flavored tobaccos, which grant invigorating and bold flavor, one of the essential features of Nistru brand.

Nistru non-filtered cigarettes are of Oriental blend type delivering sweetish-spicy taste and tangy flavor. The cigarettes are 70mm long and packed in soft packs, for a more retro-style smoking experience.

In our tax-free tobacco shop low-cost Nistru cigarettes are received directly from the official maker, guaranteeing the highest freshness of the product, and the lowest possible price.

If you tend to think that only a non-filtered cigarette might deliver can the genuine pleasure of tobacco smoking, then Nistru cigarettes are a must-try for you.