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Orbita cigarettes
    • Orbita
    • price per carton: $13.73 $10.01

Orbita cigarettes

Orbita cigarette brand is a prominent low-cost tobacco product produced by reputed Moldavian tobacco giant TUTUN-CTC. This cigarette brand won the hearts of adult smokers from many Eastern European countries, and its popularity is on the rise, while its great quality has been confirmed by Silver Medal received at the European Tobacco Exhibition, which was held in Spain.

tax-free Orbita cigarettes

Orbita cigs are manufactured with the application of the advanced technologies of curing, processing and blending various sorts of Oriental tobaccos, cultivated in different countries.

In the manufacture of Orbita cigarettes, the experts have added porous tobacco veins to the available tobacco blend, in order to intensify the tobacco taste and reduce the quantities of chemicals in the smoke.

Overall, TUTUN-CTC has developed a rather interesting smoking product, which may captivate adult smokers by both pack design and tobacco blend. The name of this brand is translated from Romanian as Space Orbit, which might be perceived in allegoric sense – Orbita brand hides many mysteries, like space, but if smoking an Orbita cig, it would take you up to the stars.

Other peculiar features of Orbita cigs include bold flavor that gives a boost of strength with every puff; the bracing flavor of natural tobacco and superior quality which will surely satisfy any cigarette aficionado, brave enough to try these low-cost cigarettes.

Discount Orbita cigarettes have efficient filter technology and represent Oriental tobacco blend. Packed in retro-style soft packs these 80mm long cigarettes offer higher amounts of nicotine – 15 mg, so they will be a great find for those adult smokers who prefer tougher and stronger smoke.

It is also vital to note that Orbita cigarettes are selling in the low-cost category, offering smokers a nice chance to save money on tobacco products.

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