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Ritm Classic cigarettes
    • Ritm Classic
    • price per carton: $16.27 $12.26

Ritm cigarettes

Ritm cigarette brand is one of the flagship brands of International Tobacco S.A., a recently-founded cigarette maker from Moldova, which already gained the trust of adult smokers with its low-cost cigarettes, including Prefect, Focus and Avalon.

Ritm cigarettes

Ritm cigarettes are manufactured from premium sorts of tobacco, imported from the southern countries of Greece and Bulgaria. The sun-cured tobacco used in these cigarettes, was processed and blended with aromatizing agents in compliance with European Standards on cigarette production.

Ritm tobacco formula represents the golden standard in the international tobacco industry, the American Blend, which means Ritm cigs offer a bracing and rich flavor, as well as befuddling aroma and pleasant aftertaste.

The name of this high quality tobacco product is translated as “rhythm”, symbolizing that this brand will give adult cigarette lovers sensations of a totally new kind and pattern.

Ritm cigarettes are packed in hard packs, with retro-style themed images and laconic color scheme. Overall, this is a very solid low-cost cigarette brand, which offers a great combination of pleasant quality, intense full flavor and moderate price.

If you decided to gave this brand a try, you can buy Ritm cigarettes online, in our discount cigarette store, as they are not available in conventional tobacco shops across the United States. We offer Ritm cigarette brand at the lowest possible price and ship it directly from the manufacturer’s warehouse, granting the cigarettes will be delivered in fresh condition.

Product Details:

  • Tar: 12.0mg;
  • Nicotine: 0.9mg
  • Length: mm; king-size
  • Manufacturer: International Tobacco
  • Made in: Republic of Moldova
  • Packed: flip-top pack; 20 cigars per pack; 10 packs per carton