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Cafe Creme Arome Cigarillos
Cafe Creme Filter Tip Cigarillos
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Cafe Creme Cigarillos
    • Cafe Creme Cigarillos
    • price per carton: $88.85 $70.08

Cafe Creme Italian Macchiato Cigarillos
Cafe Creme Filter Tip Arome Cigarillos

Cafe Creme cigarettes

The popularity of small cigars skyrocketed several years ago, when smoking was banned in many countries and cigar aficionados could not enjoy a cigar with coffee anymore. That is why tobacco lovers turned to small cigars and cigarillos, which offer the same natural tobacco smoking experience, but need a way less time to smoke than the longer hand-rolled cigars.

So, if you are interested in trying a small cigar, we would definitely recommend you to opt for Cafe Creme - the best-selling small cigar brand across the European Union.

buy Cafe Creme small cigars

Cafe Creme cigars are manufactured by Scandinavian Tobacco Group, the leading maker of cigars and pipe tobacco in Europe. These cigars are made from the finest aromatic and Oriental tobaccos, carefully blended to deliver the flawless taste of natural premium tobacco.

Cafe Creme offers a really broad assortment of products: for those cigar smokers, who prefer unusual flavors, Cafe Creme provides 3 exclusive and ravishing styles:

For those, who are willing to try flavored smoke, Cafe Creme offers 2 styles equipped with filter tips:

In addition, classic non-flavored small cigars are also available in two styles:

Super quality, usage of finest tobaccos and natural dips, smooth taste and captivating aroma, as well as refined tin-box packaging – all these features make Cafe Creme small cigars a truly outstanding tobacco product

Only now you can buy Cafe Creme small cigars online in our online cigarette store at a tax-free price and discover a totally new world of pleasure from smoking this ravishing product.

Cafe Creme Characteristics:

  • Length: 75mm; 95mm (filtered styles)
  • Made in: the Netherlands (EU)
  • Wrapped: natural tobacco leaf
  • Pack: tin box; 10 cigars per pack; 10 packs per carton