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Capital Filter Kings cigarettes
    • Capital Filter Kings
    • price per carton: $16.27 $12.26

Capital cigarettes

Capital Filter Kings cigarette brand is the latest product to be launched by the TUTUN-CTC and introduced to the international tobacco market.

Capital Filter Kings cigarette brand

Capital is a generic brand; however, it delivers a magnificent combination of fine quality premium tobacco, rich aroma and strong, tangy taste. Moreover, as it is selling in the low-cost segment of the cigarette market, the brand comes at a very affordable price, what is vital for price-conscious consumers, who are looking for a discount, yet high quality product.

Capital Filter Kings cigarettes are made of the finest sorts of Virginia, Burley and Oriental tobaccos, imported from Latin America and Africa, processed in accordance with the latest technologies and standards and blended with natural aromatizing agents, which enrich the flavor of Capital cigarettes and make it more bold and intense.

TUTUN-CTC is reputable tobacconist, which has recently celebrated 50th anniversary of successful operation and manufacture of high quality cigarette brands. The company has been a strong market leader in Moldova, and it also occupies top positions in fellow Eastern European countries as well.

Capital cigarette brand has not been selling in cigarette stores throughout the United States; yet, if you wish to give this full-flavored smoke, you can simply browse our online cigarette store, and buy Capital cigarettes. We receive Capital cigarettes directly from the manufacturing plant, so our quality and price are simply unprecedented.

Capital Filter Kings cigarette brand features:

  • Length: 82mm (king-size)
  • Nicotine: 1.0mg (full-flavor)
  • Tar: 10mg
  • Manufacturer: TUTUN-CTC (Moldova)
  • Pack: hard pack, 20 cigarettes per pack, 10 packs per carton