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Cigaronne Exclusive Black cigarettes
Cigaronne Exclusive Mini Black cigarettes
Cigaronne Exclusive White cigarettes
Cigaronne Exclusive Mini White cigarettes
Cigaronne Exclusive Slims White cigarettes
Cigaronne Exclusive Slims Black cigarettes
Cigaronne Classic Slims Silver cigarettes
Cigaronne Classic Slims Gold cigarettes

Cigaronne cigarettes

Many tobacco manufacturers give its company name for their most excellent cigarette brands. It can be presupposed that through this strategy, company will make itself renowned on international level. In case of Cigaronne cigarettes it resulted in a very triumphant initiative.

Cigaronne cigarette brand

Cigaronne Tobacco Company was very attentive to every detail while creating this smoking product, beginning with its filter until its ingredients.

This cigarette doesn’t have analogues on the entire tobacco market.

This brand is exclusive in everything: feature, design and taste. In order to comprehend its real naturalness it is essential to experience these sublime cigarettes.

Magnificence of taste that which is felt while smoking Cigaronne, is guaranteed by the usage of 12 types of selected fine quality tobaccos that were imported from the different areas in the world.

During manufacture, tobacco was embodied in a unique form and mixed with superb components.

Distinctive feature of Cigaronne brand is the availability of different sizes of products, since the brand offers king-size cigarette, slims cigarettes and 120s.

All these styles are equipped with unique and advanced filter systems.

Of important mention are the Cigaronne cig’ packs. All brand’s varieties are packed in long packs that have a shining color that differs for each product style.

Thing that is common for all of them are the classification as of classical style. The ravishing Cigaronne cigarettes packs say about the elegance and appurtenance of smokers that are confident in what they want and for what are looking for.

These cigarettes are available in our discount cigarette store at tax-free price in the following variations:

All this smoking product are different in their taste, but are similar in their elevated class perfection.

Join the slimmest family of Cigaronne smoking cigarettes that were created special for those adult smokers who prefer first-class quality.