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Colts Rum cigarillos
    • Colts Rum Cigarillos
    • price per carton: $51.89 $40.51

Colts Cherry Cigarillos
    • Colts Cherry Cigarillos
    • price per carton: $51.89 $40.51

Colts Vanilla Cigarillos

Colts cigarettes

buy Colts small cigars

You can’t be named a true tobacco aficionado if you have never tried cigars – the only tobacco product which offers only natural tobacco, without any chemicals and other substances.

Although hand-made cigars are very expensive, and can be enjoyed only in special occasions, there are many brands, which offer small cigars, which offer the same premium quality and flawless taste of pure tobacco, but are much more affordable.

Colts small cigar brand are one of the best representatives of small cigar segment, and if you are willing to try an exquisite tobacco products, then this brand is definitely worthy of a try.

Colts are manufactured by Scandinavian Tobacco Group, the leading tobacconist in European Union, which stands behind the best-selling cigar brands in Europe, Café Crème and Calistos.

These small cigars are produced from uncut tobacco leaves, grown in Latin American and imported to the Netherlands, where they are processed in a specialized way, wrapped in tobacco leaf and equipped with advanced filters for even better smoking experience.

In addition, the tobacco was dipped in natural aromatizers, to in order to provide a captivating flavor of cherry, ravishing flavor of rum or sweet flavor of vanilla. All you need is to choose which fragrance you like the most.

You may find a broad selection of premium quality small cigars at tax-free prices in our discount tobacco store. We offer Colts small cigars in the following versions:

Simply try Colts cigars, and you will be fascinated by their mild taste, and delicious flavor and of course, superb quality of natural tobacco.

Colts Characteristis:

  • Length: 90mm
  • Made in: the Netherlands (EU)
  • Pack: hard pack; 10 cigars per pack; 5 packs per carton