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Cosmos cigarettes
    • Cosmos
    • price per carton: $14.78 $10.82

Cosmos cigarettes

Cosmos cigarette brand is a great smoking product owned TUTUN-CTC, a prominent tobacco maker based in the Republic of Moldova.

Cosmos was one of the first products introduced by this tobacconist, founded in 1979. Ever since its launch to the local market, Cosmos brand has been growing in popularity among adult cigarette-lovers.

Cosmos cigarettes pack

During the manufacture of Cosmos tobacco brand the producer applied the latest technologies of tobacco processing, and blending which are successfully used by the world’s leading tobacco companies.

In addition, Cosmos cigarettes were equipped with effective mono-acetate filter systems that are able to reduce the penetration of chemicals contained in tobacco smoke.

This careful approach to manufacture of these low-cost cigarettes ensured the superior quality together with intense and bold taste of Cosmos brand which will attract adult smokers who prefer having richer puff.

This generic brand is particularly popular in local market and is in astonishing demand in the neighboring markets.

This smoking cigarette is distinguished by very rich aroma that together with the best sorts of tobacco offers a genuine smoking experience.

Cosmos cigarettes are made from raw tobaccos of finest quality and in combination with special ingredients make smoking of this great cig more “unexpected and inimitable”.

This tobacco brand can be easily recognized by its hard pack of dark blue color and laconic design. Brand name is written on the top of the pack and a celestial star is placed in the center of cigarette pack.

Cosmos cigarettes are produced in king size, 84mm, and are selling by 20 cigarettes in each pack.

Cosmos cigarettes provide smoking adventure that is incomparable and unique in its taste.