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Doina Soft cigarettes
    • Doina Soft
    • price per carton: $12.71 $9.17

Doina Premium Gold cigarettes
    • Doina Premium Gold
    • price per carton: $17.60 $13.08

Doina King Size cigarettes
    • Doina King Size
    • price per carton: $14.78 $10.82

Doina Menthol cigarettes
    • Doina Menthol
    • price per carton: $15.35 $11.14

Doina Classic cigarettes
    • Doina Classic
    • price per carton: $15.35 $11.14

Doina Lights cigarettes
    • Doina Lights
    • price per carton: $15.35 $11.14

Doina Premium cigarettes
    • Doina Premium
    • price per carton: $15.35 $11.14

Doina cigarettes

This cigarette brand is the most famous tobacco product of TUTUN-CTC Tobacco Company. Doina cigarette brand is a participant and proud winner of many international tobacco exhibitions held in Paris, Madrid, Moscow and Shanghai.

This product is distinguished by the superb taste, finest tobacco, gorgeous aroma and fabulous flavor. This smoking product is considered company identity card in a way.

TUTUN-CTC is famous for its low-cost cigarettes due to fact that this company uses time-tested production principles and improved modern technologies.

It also applies advanced filter technologies, making all of its products safer for consumption.

Taste of Doina cigarettes is characterized by charming fragrance and bracing aftertaste. This brand is the best-selling tobacco product in domestic tobacco market.

Today, Doina cigarettes brand is increasing the number of its users thanks to enlarging its assortment. It was big and important step for the manufacturer of this tobacco product.

The most popular variety is original Doina Soft cig brand. It is characterized by premium tobacco taste and genuine flavor.

The cigarettes are packed in soft packs that makes them possess fine and delicate look.

Doina King Size cigarettes are innovation that carries a more sophisticated tobacco taste. They are packed in hard packs and are 84mm long.

Doina Classic cigs is of exceptional fragrance that owns a more neutral and calm odor.

Doina Lights is of more smooth nature, as its name suggests. It will be preferred by smokers that like delicate and subtle tobacco taste.

Doina Menthol brand was manufactured according to a special technology of tobacco mentholization in addition to exclusive additives that provide a cool and fresh smoking experience.

Doina Premium cigarettes are genuine exclusiveness. Due to the usage of contemporary technologies and best sorts of tobacco its taste is unique and inimitable.

Smoking this tobacco product you will feel a pleasurable mellow taste with chocolate odor.