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Esse Super Slims Field cigarettes
    • Esse Super Slims Field
    • price per carton: $27.62 $21.10

Esse Super Slims Menthol cigarettes
Esse Super Slims Lights cigarettes
    • Esse Super Slims Blue
    • price per carton: $27.62 $21.10

Esse Super Slims cigarettes
    • Esse Super Slims
    • price per carton: $21.55 $16.49

Esse Super Slims Special Gold cigarettes

Esse cigarettes

Esse cigarettes are one of the most popular brands produced by Korea Tobacco & Ginseng Corp. (KD&G).

The super slim cigarettes represent the fastest-growing segment of tobacco market, and Esse brand has been one of the leaders of that segment.

Esse Super Slim cigarettes commercial

The producer of this smoking brand, KT&G sold more than 18 billions of Esse cigarettes in South Korea and more than 10 billions abroad in 2005.

The outstanding quality of ESSE cigs is guaranteed by the usage of the highest-quality tobaccos which are processed using a specialized method and blended with flavoring agents of natural origin contributing to a genuine tobacco taste, which differs considerably from all cigarette brands you have ever tried.

ESSE cigarettes are manufactured in Super Slim format, offering longer (100mm) and more elegant frame, and lower levels of harmful tar than king-size cigarettes.

This is especially important for adult female smokers who prefer refined cigarettes with smoother smoke.

Adult smokers will appreciate the mild and attractive flavor of ESSE cigarettes, their bold and long-lasting taste and premium quality.

ESSE cigarette brand has already won the loyalty of many adult smokers throughout Europe and Asia, which means that these outstanding cigarettes are definitely worthy to be tasted.

Esse Super Slim cigarettes are a bright representative of KT&G Tobacco Company.

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There are five different tastes of the perfect quality: