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Plai cigarettes
    • Plai
    • price per carton: $15.32 $11.50

Plai cigarettes

Plai cigarette brand would be a great choice for those smokers who prefer more natural products. This brand’s name – Plai, which is translated from Romanian as “home-country”, symbolizes the affinity to homeland and the devotion to its nature and natural products, like the unique Moldavian tobacco blend used in Plai cigarettes.

Man smoking Plai cigarettes

Plai cigarettes are a product of TUTUN-CTC, a reputed tobacco company from Moldova, which is specializing on manufacture of low-cost, yet high quality tobacco products, which are popular across Europe and Asia. This tobacco giant gained great reputation among tobacco consumers thanks to the premium quality and affordable price of all the brands.

These generic cigarettes are manufactured from several sorts of finely-milled tobacco grown in Moldova, Bulgaria and Turkey. This genuine tobacco blend ensures flawless, bold taste, elite quality and magnificent flavor.

Since Plai is a full-flavor product, which delivers 1.2mg nicotine and 15.0mg tar, it is usually purchased by adult men, who are looking for a real men’s smoke.

Plai cigarettes, packed in soft packs will send you to the times when cigarettes didn’t contain so much chemical substances, and were considered more natural than they are now.

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