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Glamour cigarettes

Glamour is synonym of trend, fashion, and chic lifestyle. Glamour is desired by millions of people across the world. World of fashion, music and movies is associated with glamour.

Today, adult smokers have an opportunity to get their own piece of glamour, since Japan Tobacco International introduced Glamour cigarette brand.

Glamour cigarettes poster

Japan Tobacco International is the third largest manufacturer of smoking products across the world.

The company’s brand portfolio includes such famous cigarettes as: Winston, Camel, Monte Carlo, Benson & Hedges, Hamlet, LD, Mayfair, Memphis, Old Holborn, Ronson, Silk Cut, Sobranie, Sovereign and Glamour.

Glamour cigarette brand is a new product launched at the international tobacco market in 2005.

Since the initial introduction, the share of Glamour brand in European cigarette market has grown by 117 percents, and it is now regarded a classical widely-recognized cigarette brand intended for adult women-smokers.

Glamour cigarettes grant a truly feather-light taste and are manufactured in a longer 100-mm frame and offered for sale in two catchy-designed pack types – an ordinary flip-top pack and a narrower one, which looks more trendy and glamorous.

Yet, the fabulous pack is not the main feature of these amazing cigarettes, since their flawless quality definitely has to be mentioned.

Manufactured from the finest quality tobacco, cultivated in Asia, Glamour cigarettes offer a magnificent, smooth and calming taste and a flavor that lures from the first puff.

Thus, let all the doubts go and discover the radiance, elegance and exclusiveness of Glamour brand become a part of your everyday life.

Feel unique emotions with these unbelievable cigarettes, by visiting our online cigarette store and purchasing them at affordable tax-free price.