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Golden Gate Red cigarettes
    • Golden Gate Red
    • price per carton: $16.66 $12.20

Golden Gate Blue cigarettes
    • Golden Gate Blue
    • price per carton: $16.66 $12.20

Golden Gate cigarettes

International cigarette industry is considered to be one of the world’s most rapidly-evolving industries, as leading tobacco companies constantly introduce new products and enlarge brand families of existing products in order to live up to the changing requirements of adult tobacco users. This is the reason why Imperial Tobacco, the fourth-biggest tobacco group has launched its latest cigarette product named Golden Gate.

Golden Gate cigarettes

This elite cigarette brand is available in two exceptional styles Golden Gate Red (full-flavored smoke) and Golden Gate Blue (lighter smoke), with both of them delivering the superior quality and outstanding taste of finely-milled tobacco, a feature of all brands produced by Imperial Tobacco.

Golden Gate cigs are produced from premium sorts of Virginia and Burley tobacco, and belongs to American Blend. The taste of these cigarettes was enhanced through using an innovative technology of tobacco processing, cutting and blending with flavoring agents, which ensures a smooth and mild taste and flawless flavor.

In addition, the manufacturer of Golden Gate cigs paid much attention to filters, and developed an advanced filtering technology, based on coal and ventilated triple acetate filter, allowing to absorb more chemicals in the filters, in comparison to other filter systems applied by competitors.

Imperial Tobacco as well created an elegant and laconic pack for its new product, featuring embedded signature lettering and picture of Golden Gate Bridge.

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