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Hilton Gold cigarettes
    • Hilton Gold
    • price per carton: $25.17 $19.13

Hilton Superslims Lilac cigarettes
    • Hilton Superslims Lilac
    • price per carton: $25.94 $19.75

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Hilton Platinum cigarettes
    • Hilton Platinum
    • price per carton: $25.17 $19.13

Hilton Silver
    • Hilton Silver
    • price per carton: $25.17 $19.13

Hilton Superslims White cigarettes

Hilton cigarettes

Hilton tobacco brand was created in the 1970 by British American Tobacco, a company known for such legendary brands as Dunhill, Kent and Pall Mall and one of the world’s leading cigarette makers.

Nowadays, Hilton cigarette brand enjoys one of the top positions in the lower-cost market segment, since adult cigarette smokers prefer this discount tobacco product for its bracing taste, smooth flavor, great quality and affordable price.

Hilton cigarette smoking

Hilton cigarettes have a long-standing and impeccable reputation of a smoke with magnificent flavor blended from the highest-quality tobaccos cautiously cultivated and imported from several countries.

Hilton cigarettes are growing in popularity lately as many adult smokers turn to his low-cost brand.

Because Hilton cigarettes are a property of by British American Tobacco, a tobacconist which pays great attention to the quality of raw tobaccos used in production of all of its brands and uses the finest sorts and the most up-to-date technologies, Hilton cigarette brand complies with the safety requirements nicotine and tar standards approved in European Union.

Though Hilton cigs are not selling in convenience stores across the United States, the brand already has many loyal smokers among our American customers, who turned to purchasing cigarettes online, since they appreciate the rich and strong smoke, and low price of this brand.

So, stop spending your hard-earned money on purchasing premium brands, there are many outstanding generic products, like Hilton, that grant the same superior quality and bracing taste but are less expensive.

Our discount cigarette store gives you an a great chance to try Hilton cigarettes.

Opt for either stronger Hilton Gold or smoother Hilton Platinum to get your smoking dreams come true at tax-free price.

We are delighted to introduce Hilton Super Slims to our stock! Hilton Super Slims Liliac and Hilton Super Slims White offer a feather-light flavor and impeccable taste at a dramatically low price!