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Kent Convertibles menthol cigarettes
    • Kent Convertibles
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Kent HD Futura (Futura 8) cigarettes
Kent HD Infinia (White 1) cigarettes
Kent HD Neo (Neo 4) cigarettes
    • Kent HD Neo (Neo 4)
    • price per carton: $36.14 $27.91

Cheap Kent HDi Blue online
    • Kent HDi Blue
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Cheap Kent HDi Silver online
    • Kent HDi Silver
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Kent Nanotek Neo cigarettes
    • Kent Nanotek Neo
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Kent Nanotek Infina cigarettes
    • Kent Nanotek Infina
    • price per carton: $33.38 $25.70

Cheap Kent HD Spectra online
    • Kent HD Spectra
    • price per carton: $25.07 $19.30

Kent Nanotek Futura cigarettes
    • Kent Nanotek Futura
    • price per carton: $26.67 $20.57

Kent cigarettes

Today, Kent cigarette brand is selling in more than 70 countries across the world, occupying leading positions in premium segment of the cigarette market in many of these countries.

Kent cigarettes

Kent brand was introduced in 1952 by U.S tobacco company Lorrilard Inc, and named after its Chairman, Herbert Kent. From the very beginning, these cigarettes were considered to have milder and lighter taste, than all of the rival brands.

In the 1970 the brand was purchased by British American Tobacco, and given a new concept and appeal. First of all the BAT modified KENT filter system, launching innovative Micronite filters, based on activated charcoal, which has been considered the most effective filtering agent up till today.

In addition, BAT changed the tobacco blend for Kent cigarettes, making the flavor more bracing and sophisticated, and altered the pack design, in order to keep up to the evolving requirements of modern smokers.

In recent years, British American Tobacco has re-named existing varieties of Kent brand and introduced exclusive new styles. Currently Kent offers three main product lines Kent HD, Kent Nanotek and Kent Convertibles.

Kent HD is a traditional, king-size cigarette available in three strength versions:

Kent Nanotek belongs to the popular compact king size format. These cigarettes are 83-mm-long, but are compact in width, being only 5mm wide; instead of usual 7mm. Kent Nanotek gained especial success among female smokers, who appreciated its vivid packs and luxury quality. Kent Nanotek is also selling in three varieties:

This year British American Tobacco introduced its latest Kent product, Kent Convertibles with innovative capsules filled with menthol flavoring. The capsules can be crushed whenever the user is willing to switch from regular flavor to menthol.

If you are willing to try premium Kent cigarette brand, you can buy tax-free Kent cigarettes online in our discount tobacco store. We offer authentic Kent brand directly from the manufacturer.

If you have a taste for quality, you have the taste for KENT