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Kiss Superslims Fresh Apple cigarettes
Kiss Superslims Energy cigarettes
    • Kiss Superslims Energy
    • price per carton: $28.22 $21.58

Kiss Superslims Strawberry cigarettes
Kiss Superslims Dream cigarettes
    • Kiss Superslims Dream
    • price per carton: $24.23 $18.38

Kiss Superslims Menthol cigarettes
    • Kiss Superslims Menthol
    • price per carton: $24.23 $18.38

Cheap Kiss Mohito online
    • Kiss Mohito
    • price per carton: $16.02 $11.81

Kiss Superslims Romantic cigarettes
Kiss Superslims Dessert Mini cigarettes

Kiss cigarettes

The British-based Innovation Tobacco Company is the manufacturer of Kiss cigarettes. Quality control is fulfilled at every technological stage. The company works only with the biggest suppliers. The best cigarette specialists guarantee the best flavor.

If you are young, bright, a bit crazy, self-confident, fashionable and stylish then Kiss Cigarettes are for you! Kiss cigarettes brand answers the women’s needs.

Kiss cigarettes poster

Fashionable cigarette packs will delight you and look like a trendy accessory in your bag. Together with Kiss cigarette brand, life becomes more interesting! You may check it up if you place the order right now.

You will be impressed by a nice blend and refined smoke aroma. The modern technology used in production guarantees the exact control of content in every cigarette, which keeps the blend constant.

Exclusiveness of the brand consists in the wonderful taste delicious fruit aroma and moderate price!

Kiss cigarettes are the only brand in our online cigarette store that are offered in a wide variety of flavors, from menthol to vanilla, so they can be your personal and tiny hookah that is always with you.

The have a truly-feather-light taste that calms down tension and brings peace and calm to your soul.

If you want to enjoy strong and passionate feelings, purchase Kiss Energy! If you want to feel light and fresh reminiscences, order Kiss Menthol!

If you are a fan of something new and unforgettable, taste Kiss Fresh Apple! And only Kiss Dream is for the women who dare to dream! If you need a yummy retreat, you can try Kiss Strawberry! Kiss Romantic is ideal for gentle and subtle ladies!

Purchase your favorite flavor at the cheapest price: