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Lady Rose Slims cigarettes
    • Lady Rose Slims
    • price per carton: $18.82 $14.30

Lady Menthol Slims cigarettes
    • Lady Menthol Slims
    • price per carton: $17.70 $13.18

Lady Diamond Slims cigarettes
    • Lady Diamond Slims
    • price per carton: $17.90 $13.18

Lady cigarettes

Lady cigarettes entirely correspond with its brand name because they provide the beaty that characterize woman nature. Having Lady cigarettes in hand, smokers couldn’t resist to temptation to try it.

This product is so luring with its slimmest shape and holographic packs that smokers are simply chamed.

However, the major component that completes this smoking masterpiece is its outstanding taste.

Lady cigarettes are produced from premium sorts of tobacco, natural additives and sauces that create a flavor of exclusiveness.

Lady smoking cigarette

Creator of this outstanding tobacco product is Cigaronne Tobacco CO LTD, a well-known European cigarette-maker, which came to the international tobacco market with such successful brands as Cigaronne and OK.

This company planned to create a luxury smoking product that will be only for female smokers for a long time, and spent several years looking for the best flavors components that must be contained in a discount cigarette that all ladies will like.

Finding the only perfect solution, the company created Lady brand in three variations: Lady Diamond, Lady Rose and Lady Menthol. It was a genuine godsend.

Dear ladies, you will certainly be pleasantly surprised by these three tobacco savors, which constitute all the features that are preferred by any lady smoker.

Lady Diamond is for women that prefer luxury, Lady Rose is for romantic natures and Lady Menthol provides a boost of freshness in every puff.

As brand name suggested, Lady Rose owns a light scent of rose and Lady Menthol has that of menthol.

Though Lady cigs are packed in cartons by five packs,this smoking masterpiece is definitely worthy to be tried.

Introduction of this brand on tobacco market was done with same care for those who will smoke it. Birth date of Lady cigarettes coincides with the “Women Day”, March 8, 2006.

After just a year, this tobacco product became wide spread among markets of all nearby countries.

Now, Lady cigarettes are available at low - cost in this online store and every women can try it.

Lady brand can be ordered in all three variations:

Chose you style that will characterize you as real lady.