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LD Blue cigarettes pack
    • LD Blue
    • price per carton: $24.98 $18.98

LD Red cigarettes
    • LD Red
    • price per carton: $24.98 $18.98

LD Silve cigarettes
    • LD Silver
    • price per carton: $24.98 $18.98

Cheap LD Superslims Amber online
    • LD Superslims Amber
    • price per carton: $24.98 $18.98

Cheap LD Superslims Blue online
    • LD Superslims Blue
    • price per carton: $24.98 $18.98

Cheap LD Superslims Pink online
    • LD Superslims Pink
    • price per carton: $27.98 $21.38

LD cigarettes

LD is one of the top-selling cigarette brands in low-cost category in Eastern Europe, and though, it is not available in stores across the U.S., adult smokers now have a unique opportunity to try this high-quality cigarette brand, by ordering it in our tax-free cigarette store at a discount price.

LD brand was initially created and launched in 1999 by Liggett and Ducatt – one of the leading tobacco companies in Russia. In 2000 the company was acquired by Gallaher Group, and LD began its progress on the European tobacco market. The brand tasted great success shortly after its introduction, since smokers appreciated the remarkable combination of the finest quality and affordable price.

discount LD cigarettes

Moreover, in 2007, the LD brand of cigarettes became a property of Japan Tobacco International, the third-largest cigarette maker across the world, prominent for the inimitable quality and usage of innovative technologies in its products. The company changed the pack design of LD brand, making it look more modern and sophisticated.

Currently, LD has become the most popular value brand for JTI, selling in nearly 50countries, and being on top positions in all the markets it is available in.

In our discount tobacco store, tax-free LD cigarettes are offered in three king-size styles, allowing smokers to select between different strength and nicotine amount:

We are confident that LD cigarettes would be a great offering for those adult smokers, who tend to choose value brands, but still get along with the latest tobacco trends and superb quality products.

Ordering at you receive authentic and original tobacco product, delivered exactly to your door.