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Leana Non-Filter cigarettes
    • Leana Non-Filter
    • price per carton: $7.52 $5.02

Leana cigarettes

Amazing cigs, I love their pure tobacco taste and bold flavor. - this is just one of many testimonials we got from adult smokers who tried Leana non-filtered cigarettes.

Leana cigarettes are produced from fine-quality oriental tobaccos. The genuine tobacco formula of this non-filtered cigarette brand was composed from several sorts of oriental tobacco, grown in Turkey and local tobaccos marked out by inimitable and flawless aroma.

Leana Non-Filter cigarette pack

The owner of Leana cig brand is TUTUN-CTC, a Moldovan tobacco corporation, notable for its flagship cigarette brands, including Doina, Temp and Fluieras.

The great quality of theses cigarettes is confirmed by international certificates, as Leana gained silver medal in its cigarette category during the TABACEX EXHIBITION held in Madrid, Spain in 2008.

Leana cigarettes won the trust and magnificent reputation among adult cigarette smokers due to their rich and invigorating flavor and unforgettable aroma that provokes thrilling emotions, feeling of taste integrity and satisfaction from the smoking experience.

Contemporary pack design, bold flavor and a very low price – these properties make Leana non-filtered cigarettes be in high demand among our adult customers who prefer natural taste of pure tobacco, without filters and chemicals.

So, if you are interested in discovering a simple yet sophisticated smoke, don’t waste your time and money on the severely-marketed cigarette brands, better visit our discount online tobacco store and buy Leana non-filtered cigarettes and benefit from this unique offer available only on our site.