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L&M cigarettes

In 2010, L&M brand was named the sixth best-selling cigarette brand across the world. The brand’s owner, Philip Morris International, has confirmed sales L&M cigarettes reached 100 billion in 2009, and this amazing success of the brand speaks for itself.

L&M is available in more than 80 countries on five continents, and gained enormous popularity in most of them.

L&M cigarettes poster

L&M cigarette brand was established in the 1950s, being initially produced by Liggett & Myers.

It was acquired by Philip Morris in 1999, marking the beginning of the golden era for L&M popularity.

Until it became the Philip Morris property, L&M cigarettes weren’t popular in the United States, being much more prominent outside of the country of origin.

However, thanks to clever promotional campaign, this mid-cost tobacco product is growing in popularity among the American adult smokers.

Because L&M is made by Philip Morris International, the recognized leader of international tobacco industry, this premium brand is marked out by magnificent quality, outstanding harmony of flavor and taste and laconic pack design.

These characteristics distinguish L&M cigs from all other tobacco products selling at the international tobacco market.

Another basic feature of L&M brand is very wide selection of styles it provides to adult smokers throughout the world.

These varieties differ according to the amounts of nicotine, size and taste, but offer the same outstanding quality preferred by millions cigarette smokers.

If you are willing to have a classical smoke, then you can try one of the traditional versions of L&M:

And in case you enjoy trying new brands and getting new emotions, you can opt for one of the latest extensions of L&M brand line. Slim and slender,100mm-long smokes:

Or compact-sized innovative (85mm-long, slim cigs):

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