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Marshal cigarettes
    • Marshal
    • price per carton: $16.27 $12.26

Marshal cigarettes

Marshal cigarettes

Lately more and more adult smokers are turning to cheap cigarettes in order to save their money, since they are not able to quit smoking. Exactly for this category of smokers now offers generic Marshal cigarette brand, one of our best selling brands in the low-cost cigarettes category.

Marshal is a perfect companion for the real men. Combining the traditional cigarette taste and stylish contemporary pack design, Marshal brand has a truly virile character and charisma.

The luring aroma of blended tobaccos of premium quality create a well-balanced tobacco base and draw and image of a modern brutal man, who loves sports, journeys, taking risk and making vital decisions.

The flavor of Marshal cigarettes is rich and intense, with captivating, mild aftertaste. In addition, the laconic blue-and-white pack of these cigarettes makes these cigarettes a trendy accessory for any smoker.

The premium quality of these cigarettes is guaranteed by its manufacturer, British-based Innovation Tobacco Company, a reputable tobacconist, well-known to adult smokers with its top-selling Kiss Super Slims, Continent and Armada cigarette brands.

Adult smokers, who have tried Marshal cigarettes, admitted these cigarettes provide an optimal balance of price and quality.

If you are interested in trying these cigarettes, you can buy Marshal cigarettes in our online cigarette store. Today, we offer Marshal brand at the lowest price around the web, delivering it straight to your door.

Marshal cigarette brand characteristics:

  • Length: 85mm (king-size)
  • Nicotine: 0.4mg
  • Tar: 8mg
  • Filter: triple-acetate ventilated filters
  • Pack: hard pack, 20 cigarettes per pack, 10 packs per carton

Marshal - magnificent quality, fair price