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MT cigarettes
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MT cigarettes

MT cigarette brand was introduced in 1990 as a smoking product created for adult cigarette smokers with middle income and desire to buy low-priced, but at the same time high quality cigarettes.

MT is owned by TUTUN-CTC, an well-known tobacco company from Moldova, which developed such astonishing brands as Doina, Cosmos and Temp.

MT cigarettes pack

MT cigs are manufactured from Burley and Virginia tobacco of high quality, imported from Bulgaria and Turkey.

Attempting to enrich the flavor of MT cigs, the base of tobacco composition, which was made of finest raw tobaccos, was blended with specialized tobacco leaf veins, and reconstituted tobacco of high quality.

The further stage of MT cigarettes’ making comprised blending tobacco with natural aromatizing agents created by the leading scientists of the Moldovan Academy of Science.

The manufacturer wanted to develop a high quality tobacco product and its efforts were repaid, since MT brand has been growing in demand on both local cigarette market and abroad. MT brand represents semi-aromatized cigarettes of American blend type.

At the same time, the manufacturer experts have also thought about the need to make these generic cigarettes less dangerous for the adult consumers.

Thus, since 2008 MT cigs have advanced and very efficient mono-acetate 27mm-long filters.

MT cigarettes conform with European requirements on nicotine and tar quantity, and deliver the same level of nicotine as the landmark Marlboro Red cigarettes.

Therefore, do not hesitate; simply visit our online cigarette store and buy MT brand for a pleasantly low price and you will be rewarded with the premium quality of these cigarettes.