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OK Blue King Size cigarettes
    • OK Blue
    • price per carton: $17.68 $13.39

OK Black King Size cigarettes
    • OK Black
    • price per carton: $17.68 $13.39

OK Super Slims Blue cigarettes
    • OK Super Slims Blue
    • price per carton: $18.15 $13.77

OK Nano White cigarettes
    • OK Nano White
    • price per carton: $19.66 $14.98

OK Nano Blue cigarettes
    • OK Nano Blue
    • price per carton: $19.66 $14.98

OK Super Slims Black cigarettes
    • OK Super Slims Black
    • price per carton: $18.15 $13.77

OK cigarettes

OK cigarettes pack

OK cigarettes have been produced by means of new technologies especially developed to attract new smokers and satisfy the needs of the demanding consumers. The cigarette is available in slims and king sizes.

Thanks to their distinguished flavor and excellent taste OK cigarettes are very pleasant to smoke.

The secret behind the success of OK cigarettes is the fine pricing in comparison to the high quality and rich taste the brand has to offer.

The name of these special cigarettes “OK” has a very interesting meaning.

There have been numerous attempts to explain the appearance of this curious colloquial expression, which seems to have swept into popular use in the US during the mid-19th century.

Most of them are undoubtedly pure speculation. It does not seem at all likely, from the linguistic and historical evidence that it derives from the Scott expression ‘och aye’ the Greek ola kala (‘it is good’).

It is Good and pleasant to smoke OK cigarettes!

You can find OK cigarettes in several varieties in our online tobacco store, the most qualitative tobacco product at the best selling price: