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Pall Mall Blue cigarettes
    • Pall Mall Blue
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    • Pall Mall Silver
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Pall Mall Blue Slims cigarettes
    • Pall Mall Blue Slims
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Pall Mall Amber Slims cigarettes
    • Pall Mall Amber Slims
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    • Pall Mall Amber
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Pall Mall cigarettes

Pall Mall is probably is one of the oldest cigarette brands in the USA. Being introduced to American smokers in 1899 as an exquisite tobacco product, Pall Mall cigarette brand is still one of the most notable smoking products around the world.

Pall Mall Nano cigarettes

In the 1930s Pall Mall was one of the most ground-breaking products in the U.S. cigarette market, being the first king-size smoke, which evolved to become the golden size in the international cigarette industry.

In addition, it was the first cigarette brand to offer 100mm cig, which become a landmark length too.

RJ Reynolds, the maker of Pall Mall cigarettes used to experiment with Pall Mall tobacco formula, in attempt to offer smokers the best combination of flavor and quality.

Pall Mall brand took the lead in the domestic tobacco market in the 1960s, holding the leading position for almost 6 years, before ceding it to Winston in 1966.

Nearly at the same time, RJ Reynolds focused promotional efforts on its other products and Pall Mall was close to being eliminated from the cigarette market.

Yet, the brand was re-launched in 2001, as a mid-value cigarette brand with mild taste and long-lasting smoke. With a very successful marketing strategy, Pall Mall cigarettes began their trip to the top of the U.S. tobacco market, where it once held the top spot.

Today, Pall Mall is the fourth best-selling cigarette brand in the United States, and more and more adult smokers are switching to this brand, which provides premium quality, rich taste and affordable price.

The international owner of Pall Mall brand, British American Tobacco, as well reported growing sales of the brand.

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