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Parliament Aqua Blue cigarettes
    • Parliament Aqua Blue
    • price per carton: $48.95 $38.16

Parliament Night Blue cigarettes
    • Parliament Night Blue
    • price per carton: $48.95 $38.16

Parliament One cigarettes
    • Parliament One
    • price per carton: $37.19 $28.75

Parliament Silver Blue cigarettes
    • Parliament Silver Blue
    • price per carton: $48.95 $38.16

Parliament Super Slims cigarettes
    • Parliament Super Slims
    • price per carton: $29.13 $22.54

Parliament Reserve cigarettes
    • Parliament Reserve
    • price per carton: $29.13 $22.54

Parliament cigarettes

Parliament Reserve cigarettes pack

Parliament cigarettes possess most impressive taste that a cigarette ever had. It is a smoking exclusiveness that continues to be preferred internationally.

Parliament tobacco was and is still considered a treasure of tobacco industry by enormous number of cigarette users.

What makes Parliament cigarette smoke taste so enhanced? There is only one answer on this question: its recessed unique filter.

Due to filter composition and fine tobacco Parliament smoking flavor is rich and miscellaneous.

Distinctive feature of the recessed filter of this cigarette is that it didn’t get wet.

During the process of cigarettes smoking air is mixed with smoke and the result is of astonishing appreciation.

Idea of such kind of filter for cigarette belongs to Philip Morris International. This tobacco company is the world leader in smoking products manufacturing.

This cig producer holds also famous brands such as Marlboro, Virginia Slims, Benson & Hedges, Parliament, Chesterfield, L&M, Players, etc. All its cigarettes are embodiment of premium quality and refinement.

Nicknamed as “Parlies” this smoking tobacco is for people that are of full temper, for those who are leaders of their lives, their decisions are tenacious and important.

Parliament cigarettes are exclusive and they are preferred by fastidious smokers.

Parliament cigarette brand has very elegant white packs with double-blue rectangle. This gives the impression of emblem that symbolizes flawless quality and grace.

Parliament cigarettes ’ tastes are presented our online cigarette store in large assortment:


One fact that joins all types of this cigarette brand together is assorted rich taste and inimitable flavor.