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Plugarul cigarettes
    • Plugarul
    • price per carton: $15.32 $11.50

Plugarul cigarettes

Plugarul cigarette brand is the latest addition to our products range, which was introduced by one of the most recognized tobacco companies in Eastern Europe, TUTUN-CTC, known for the superb prices of its products and their affordable price.

This cigarette maker pays more attention to usage of high quality roasted tobaccos and natural components in manufacture of tobacco brands, which helped the company win many awards at different International Tobacco Contests.

Plugarul cigarettes pack

Plugarul cigs are selling in mid-value segment, and are considered great offering for adult smokers with middle income, who are used to work a lot.

The brand name “Plugarul” is translated from the Romanian language as a person who plows up the fields.

The name symbolizes that non-filter Plugarul cigarettes were developed for strong and brave adult men, and many men-smokers have already turned to this generic cigarette brand which offers truly intense smoking experience.

King-size Plugarul smokes are marked out by natural taste of pure fine tobaccos cultivated in Moldova and comprised in genuine Moldavian blend.

Since Plugarul cigs lack filters, they are usually preferred by adult cigarette lovers who tend to smoke regular-flavored cigarettes with higher quantities of nicotine.

Plugarul cigarettes are selling in soft packs with elegant blue-and-white pack design. Moreover, they do not contain any additives that usually hamper the taste of pure tobacco.

If you are willing in these amazing cigarettes, and are loyal natural products, you may purchase discount Plugarul cigarettes online in our tax-free cigarette shop.

If you decide to try them, you will be guaranteed inimitable sensations and energy shot. So, don’t waste your time on filtered smokes, opt for Plugarul cigarette and enjoy bold smoking experience.