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R1 Slim Minima cigarettes
    • R1 Slim Minima
    • price per carton: $24.13 $18.54

R1 Slim Ultra cigarettes
    • R1 Slim Ultra
    • price per carton: $24.13 $18.54

R1 Slim cigarettes

R1 Slims cigarettes break

A current tendency that is extensively spreaded among tobacco companies is producing specially blended slim cigarettes for female smokers.

As woman is more refined and sensible in nature than man, tobacco products that are focused on ladies must reveal these characteristics in their smoking taste and flavor.

Mainly, these are primary constituents of R1 cigarette brand, a true lady tobacco product.

Smoking this finely blended tobacco every lady-smoker will feel the outstanding flavor that is granted by fine cigarettes taste.

Due to its slimmest, refined taste and delightful smoke scent, R1cigarettes become favorite tobacco brand of ladies of different cultures and interests.

It is enough to try R1 cigarettes once and you will understand how premium quality can turn smoking process into astonishing delight.

The manufacturer of this exclusive brand is German tobacco plant Reemtsma Cigarettenfabriken, owned by Imperial Tobacco. Smoking cigs of this company are profitably traded in more than 130 states.

Imperial Tobacco’s tobacco products are qualitative, famous and required.

Excellence of R1 slim cigarettes is exposed by selected blended tobacco of premium sorts in addition to the distinctive fine mellow additives that make smoking so impeccable.

R1 cigs are packed in elegant white slender packs with brand name written in center.

Slight design along with perfect quality of R1 Slim Minima or R1 Slim Ultra cigarettes will complete classiness of every lady that owns it.

You can order R1 cigarettes online in our tax-free cigarette store to enjoy the inimitable taste of these discount cigarettes.