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Red & White American Blend cigarettes
Red & White Special cigarettes
    • Red & White Special
    • price per carton: $23.60 $17.88

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Red & White Fine cigarettes
    • Red & White Fine
    • price per carton: $24.98 $18.98

Red & White Superslims Special cigarettes
Red & White Superslims Fine cigarettes
Red & White Superslims Rich cigarettes
Red & White Superslims Shine cigarettes

Red & White cigarettes

Red & White is one of most top-selling drive brands of Philip Morris International, the largest private tobacco company in the world, which doesn’t any advertisement thanks to the company’s flawless reputation of maker of superb tobacco products, such as Marlboro and Parliament.

Red&White cigarettes brand

Red & White was launched only several years ago, yet, it has already won the trust of many cigarette smokers from many countries due to its outstanding quality, which is one of the vital features of every tobacco product owned by Philip Morris.

These low-cost cigarettes will match the needs of those adult smokers who enjoy spending less on their smoking products, but still have a fine quality smoke with invigorating flavor, exquisite taste and totally unique appeal.

The name of this cigarette brand as well has an allusive meaning, symbolizing that each Red & White cig is an inimitable combination of passion, power and radiance and purity, relaxation and mildness.

The base of tobacco composition of Red & White cigs is comprised by Virginia and Burley tobaccos, delivering adult cigarette lovers a traditional flavor, resembling that of Marlboro; at the same time, the manufacturer also included a certain ingredient that makes the taste of the discount Red & White cigarettes refined and exclusive.

The Red & White brand line offers six varieties that range according to nicotine amount and length.

For those smokers who prefer bold and strong smoke, suggest trying:

Red & White cigarette brand as well comprises two styles developed especially for lady-smokers (slim 100-mm long cigarettes):

Nano format:

In addition to their impeccable quality, these cigarettes have a delicate aftertaste and a sleek frame.