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Rich Rum and Cherry cigarettes
    • Rich Rum&Cherry
    • price per carton: $20.63 $15.37

Rich Apple cigarettes
    • Rich Apple
    • price per carton: $20.63 $15.37

Rich cigarettes

fruit-flavored Rich cigarettes

Rich cigarette brand is one of the few fruit flavored cigarette brands offered at our tax-free cigarette store for those adult smokers who enjoy the sweet fruit taste in their cigarettes.

Rich cigarettes are produced by Richmond Tobacco Co, a prominent UK-based tobacco company, which has been manufacturing premium cigarette brands, like Richmond and Rich for more than 100 years.

The most remarkable feature of Rich cigs is their unique apple and cherry flavor, so delicious that barely any smoker can withstand the temptation of trying a Rich cigarette.

Yet, besides the extraordinary taste, smokers will highly appreciate the superb quality of Rich cigarettes, which are manufactured from the finest sorts of natural pipe tobacco, carefully processed and blended with fruit dip and flavoring, ensuring the one-of-a-kind smoking experience and unforgettable pleasure.

With its laconic brown paper and refined fruit dipping, Rich cigarettes are close to small cigars in both their appearance, superb quality of tobacco and bracing aftertaste.

Rich brand is truly a jewel of tobacco industry, created especially for those smokers, who consider smoking a way to relax and enjoy their day, for those who can afford the flawless quality of Rich cigarettes.

Though it is selling in premium category, and is a rather expensive product, you can take advantage of our tax-free prices, and order Rich cigarette brand at the lowest price around the web!

If you like the gorgeous apple flavor or ravishing rum and cherry taste, then Rich brand will definitely match all your needs and requirements.

Fruit-Flavored Rich cigarettes – Refined Fruit-Flavored Smoke