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Temp Export cigarettes
    • Temp Export
    • price per carton: $15.32 $11.50

Temp cigarettes
    • Temp
    • price per carton: $14.42 $10.54

Temp FF Gold cigarettes
    • Temp FF Gold
    • price per carton: $17.23 $12.65

Temp Silver cigarettes
    • Temp Silver
    • price per carton: $17.23 $12.65

Temp cigarettes

Temp cigarette brand hit the market in 1983, and is currently considered one of the most notable tobacco products in Moldovan cigarette market.

This low cost brand is also well-known in several neighboring European countries, because adult smokers rate highly the great quality of Temp brand.

Temp cigarettes by Tutun-CTC

In the process of manufacturing of Temp cigarettes, TUTUN-CTC, the owner of this trademark, made use of the latest technologies of processing tobacco leaves and their blending, also applied by world-leading cigarette makers.

The huge experience and high qualification of TUTUN-CTC experts together with the application of innovative tobacco production technologies as well as the addition of premium Oriental and Virginia tobaccos ensured the bold taste and invigorating flavor of Temp cigs, which is beloved by many smokers.

Temp brand line offers four different varieties:

Temp is the traditional style, whereas Temp Export is the top-of-the-line style from the product range, due to its improved quality characteristics and modern features.

Both Temp and Temp Export brands were developed under control the Swiss company P. Lehmann Consulting. These cigarettes represent American Blend type and conform with all adopted requirements on the amounts of chemicals in the tobacco smoke.

Temp Export cigarettes delivers 0.8mg of nicotine and 10mg of tar. These are mid-strength cigarettes, which provide an intense and bracing taste and captivating aroma which gives thrilling sensations to the smoking process.

Temp Gold and Temp Silver brands were created in 2006 and obtained great reputation shortly after introduction.

The tobacco composition for these cigarettes was created by Hertz Flavors Co, the leading European company, specializing on tobacco blends.

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