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Viceroy Blue cigarettes
    • Viceroy Blue
    • price per carton: $15.82 $11.52

Viceroy Red cigarettes
    • Viceroy Red
    • price per carton: $15.82 $11.52

Viceroy Silver cigarettes
    • Viceroy Silver
    • price per carton: $15.82 $11.52

Viceroy cigarettes

Viceroy cigarettes belong to royal brands because of their rich flavor and outstanding tobacco components.

Based on superior quality of outstanding product Viceroy brand can be presupposed the folk etymology of this ravishing cig: it was tasted by most famous cigarette users.

Viceroy cigarettes commercial

Viceroy cigarettes are premium not only in quality, but in the design too. This smoking tobacco was first to contain cork-tipped filter.

It was a successful innovation of Brown & Williamson tobacco producers that occurred in 1936.

This was innovation that turned Viceroy cigarettes into exclusive brand.

But a more powerful innovation occurred in “life” of Viceroy cig in1952. It was the first smoking product that contained cellulose acetate filter.

This originality placed Viceroy cigarettes in the history of tobacco industry for ever.

These two innovations marked new changes in industry of manufacturing tobacco, and placed Viceroy brand among the best-selling cigarette brands in the world.

Taste that characterizes discount Viceroy cigarettes is gratifying taste and refined flavor. Viceroy smoking becomes much adored by cigarette users from Middle East, Romania, Turkey, Argentina, etc. Now, Viceroy tobacco is penetrating on tobacco markets where it was once popular, as for example, that of United States.

Owning its pleasant and delicate smoking taste Viceroy is growing in popularity among more and more tobacco users.

Last innovation that marked Viceroy cig success was in 2000 when this brand was equipped with hard packs.

Now, this smoking tobacco brand can be ordered at most tax-free price in varieties of: