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Virginia Super Slims Premium One cigarettes
Virginia Slims UNO Black cigarettes
Virginia Slims UNO White cigarettes
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Virginia cigarettes

Virginia Slims cigarettes

Virginia Super Slims is an iconic U.S.-made cigarette brand, manufactured by Philip Morris USA in United States and Philip Morris International in rest of the world. The brand was introduced in 1968 and oriented at young emancipated women. The first advertising campaign for the brand was headed by a slogan “You’ve come a long way, baby”, highlighting all the efforts the women have applied in their struggle to gain independence and ability to live their own lives and decide for themselves.

In the 1990s the slogan was modified to “It’s a woman thing” and “Find your voice”. These marketing strategies were used to associate smoking with then-popular ideas of emancipation and identical rights for men and women. And today Virginia Super Slims are still considered an epitome of elegance and quality in tobacco production.

Virginia Super Slims cigarettes are made from the best sorts of tobacco, incorporated to form American Blend of the highest quality. The width of Virginia Super Slims cigarettes is narrower than in traditional cigarettes belonging to the same category, which according to the brand’s manufacturers results in less tobacco smoke while puffing.

Virginia Super Slims are currently selling in three classic styles, ranging by strength:

In addition, two years ago PMI delighted the fans of Virginia brand across Europe, by launching an impeccable addition to the brand family, named Virginia Slims Uno. Introduced in two styles – the new Virginia Slims Uno are packed in laconic and noble packs, so thin, that it barely looks like a cigarette pack, and more like a branded women’s accessory.

Virginia Slims Uno White and Virginia Slims Uno Black are unbelievably sleek, long and feather-light, and have all features to become a real star of the cigarette industry.

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