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West Carbon Filter Blue cigarettes
    • West Carbon Filter Blue
    • price per carton: $23.33 $17.66

West Carbon Filter Silver cigarettes
West Compact Blue Cigarettes
    • West Compact Blue
    • price per carton: $21.72 $16.37

Cheap  West Compact Silver online
    • West Compact Silver
    • price per carton: $19.29 $14.68

Cheap West Compact Red online
    • West Compact Red
    • price per carton: $23.33 $17.66

Cheap  West Fusion Black online
    • West Fusion Black
    • price per carton: $23.51 $17.81

Cheap West Fusion Silver online
    • West Fusion Silver
    • price per carton: $23.51 $17.81

West cigarettes

West – The Perfect German Quality

West brand was launched in 1981 by German cigarette maker Reemtsma, and has grown to become the best-selling cigarette on German market. Today, the brand is owned by Imperial Tobacco, being one of the global drive brands for one of the leading tobacco groups in the world.

Discount West Cigarettes

West cigarettes are world-famous for their superb quality and unique two-section carbon (charcoal) filter, which clears up the smoke, allowing to enjoy the real taste of pure tobacco.

During the manufacture of West cigarettes the manufacturer uses the finest tobaccos grown in Africa, South America and Europe in order to guarantee the genuine quality and outstanding flavor of West cigarettes.

The tobacco blend of West cigarettes is based on three different sorts of tobacco: golden Virginia, which gives bracing flavor to the cigarettes, brown Burley tobacco and aromatic Oriental tobacco, which offers rich and invigorating fragrance. The combination of these tobaccos, processed through an innovative technology, developed by German engineers, guarantees a truly perfect taste of every cigarettes and pleasure from smoking process.

In addition, the thorough selection of tobaccos and modern tobacco processing strategies ensure that every cigarette smoked by you has one and the same astonishing flavor – essential feature of West brand.

In our cigarette store, we offer West cigarette brand in two innovative styles:

West Fusion has been the latest addition to the West brand family. West Fusion cigarettes are distinguished by modern and laconic pack design, magnificent taste of American blend and inimitable quality.

These cigarettes represent compact king size ( standard length of 85mm but super slim in diameter), which is the most popular size in cigarette industry at the moment. In addition, they are equipped with unique carbon (charcoal) filters, which help discover the superior taste of these cigarettes.

West Fusion is the choice of modern smokers, who are in step with the times.


  • Length: 85 mm
  • Width: 5mm (compact king size)
  • Filter: carbon (charcoal) filters
  • Pack: hard pack, 20 cigarettes per pack, 10 packs per carton
  • Blend: American Blend
  • Manufacturer: Imperial Tobacco