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Wont Red 0.8 cigarettes
    • Wont Red 0.8
    • price per carton: $14.78 $10.82

Wont Blue 0.6 cigarettes
    • Wont Blue 0.6
    • price per carton: $14.78 $10.82

Wont Silver 0.4 cigarettes
    • Wont Silver 0.4
    • price per carton: $14.78 $10.82

Wont cigarettes

Wont cigarette brand is one of the most recent products developed by Moldovan tobacco giant TUTUN-CTC in close cooperation with P. Lehmann Consulting, Switzerland-based company specializing in creation of exclusive cigarette brands and efficient filter system.

WONT cigarette brand

In the manufacturer of WONT cigarettes, the producer used advanced technologies, quality raw tobaccos and other ingredients, carefully selected and imported from various corners of the world, which contributed to making this brand comply with European standards on amounts of harmful chemicals in tobacco smoke and quality, as well as ensuring a balanced and stable taste and bracing pleasant flavor.

WONT cigarettes belong to the most wide-spread and popular cigarette category – American blend. These king-size cigs are equipped with mono-acetate ventilated filters and wrapped in high quality cigarette paper with increased air permeability.

In addition to superior quality, rich taste and bold flavor, WONT cigarette brand has one more advantage to offer – very affordable price! This brand is selling in low-cost market segment, making it available to all categories of adult smokers, who are looking for a qualitative cigarette product.

We offer WONT cigarette brand in three magnificent styles:

  • WONT RED 0.8 - Tar volume 10.0 mg; Nicotine volume 0.8 mg – The strongest smoke for the smokers who prefer full-flavor taste
  • WONT BLUE 0.6 - Tar volume 8.0 mg; Nicotine volume 0.6 mg – milder and well-balanced smoke
  • Wont SILVER 0.4 - Tar volume 4.0 mg; Nicotine volume 0.4 mg – smooth and pleasant taste

You can buy WONT cigarettes brand online in our online cigarette store, which receives these cigarettes directly from the manufacture, so we guarantee they will be delivered to your door in freshest condition.