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Camel Cigarette Flavors

As Camel cigarette lovers would know, this popular brand is available in many various flavors, meeting with each and every cigarette fans' choices. The primary Camel cigarette flavors were Straight or Regulars; a mix which is significantly lighter in comparison with its rivals' one. But as smokers would know currently, Camel cigarette flavors have broadened to a number of varieties.

Camel Brand Logo

Camel has become in great request for its signature combination of Turkish and American tobaccos. After the first year of its launch in 1900's, it was sold over 400 million packages of Camel - evidence to its enormous popularity among cigarette lovers. Prominent celebrity smokers have been increasing the success of the brand by buying and smoking only Camel cigarettes. The first and all-natural Camel cigarette flavors still come in versions like Camel Natural Flavor 8, Camel Natural Flavor 6 and Camel Natural Flavor 4 - the one distinction among the three is the intensity of the filter. But today, Camel cigarette flavors have been sold as well in menthol variations, including Camel Menthol Wides and Camel Menthol Silver.

In Japan, there is also a variation known as Camel Nutty Menthol. The major difference among these sorts is the strength of the menthol flavor. Additionally, some menthol types are mixed together with other flavors. Nevertheless, it should be mentioned that some versions are limited in the nations where they have been manufactured. At the same time, some Camel cigarette flavors were discontinued in the USA, for example flavors made of citrus blends such as the Camel Mandalay Lime and the Camel Twista Lime.

In Italy, there is a variation called Camel Orange. There had also been types named as a tribute to cocktails, like the Camel Margarita Mixer and the Camel Blackjack Gin. There had also been Camel cigarette flavors like the Camel Warm Winter Toffee and the Camel Winter Mocha Mint.

By using its revolutionary packaging and flavoring, Camel cigarettes succeeded and maintained its popularity over time, amongst the increasing competition in the cigarette industry.