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Cigarette Articles

Correlation between plan packaging and smoking cessation

August seemed to be a rethink period and the decision time for the government in relation with standardized tobacco packaging.

The news has hit the tobacco industry all over the world. The decision of the government to eliminate the colorful packaging from tobacco industry has emerged from the survey of 2.278 women who reported the joyful design to be attractive to children under 18. The research group was represented by the majority of mothers and grandmothers of children and grandchildren under the age of 18. Thus, 85% of respondents explained their disagreement with the situation when children are being exposed to tobacco marketing.

Plain Packaging

Tobacco marketing includes all tobacco products, packaging, events and promotions. The research has deceived the government to ban creative images on the package. Thus, it is believed that standardized package will deter young people from smoking.

Another reason is to cover the brand image; some people are loyal to a particular companies and remain faithful throughout life, thus introducing a plan package is supposed to minimize the loyalty. Besides adults, adults are recognizing brand images as well, especially packaging. Generic packaging is supposed to eradicate the marketing power and would increase the impact of the health warnings.

The anti-smoking campaigners along with the department of health have published the results of standardized packaging. The alliance of 190 organizations has claimed the hypothesis of increased quitting smokers due to the plan packaging and a decreased percent of children who are supposed to be unexposed to the habit and branding. The results of plan packaging shows smokers perceive plan packaging of a lower quality, and tend to be less satisfied with the taste of the smoke.

The research lacks continuity and objectivity. People were interviewed only once, when the regulation has appeared. Until now, it is not clear whether changed in attitudes would lead to quit. The research did not have representative sample, and can't give objective numbers due to the limited timing.

Another reason is the correlation between plan packaging and quitting smoking, plan packaging can't be the major determinant in the decision making. Indeed, the plan package reduces attractiveness and tobacco appeal, the brand is unnoticeable, but still there is no precise answer whether the plan package is the reason why some people decide to quit smoking. The cross-sectional study intended to study attitudes and intentions of the groups of smokers. The study established the causes and effects between the factors of packaging.