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Marketing tips in tobacco industry

A very popular and intriguing question is why people buy tobacco products? Another interesting point is why people choose one brand to another? Researchers have found interesting biological determinants which are used in tobacco industry that influence perception. Overall, in order to understand the influence of perception it is needed to understand what perception is per se. Perception is a process and an aptitude of a person to understand the world by means of the external stimuli. The external stimuli are converted into neural signals and interpreted by the brain. The external information is processed by various internal mechanisms and is ultimately carried to the brain. Perception per se is a function of the stimuli and the individual interpretation. A long discussion rises when it comes to explaining and understanding tobacco marketing.

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Tobacco marketing studies disclose the importance of the point-of purchase. The documents reveal the importance of procreating the contact with the product through permanent exposure. The dominance of a particular brand on the market is successful through introducing the familiarity with the brand. The modern marketing was quick to realize the importance of studying consumer’s perception. Marketers are influencing consumer’s beliefs, attitudes, values and needs in order to promote their product. One creative technique which tobacco companies use in order to connect their unique tobacco to the consumer is the creation of a symbol. The symbol is tied with a particular brand and will eventually influence the self-concept or would manipulate the idea of the social recognition.

Another important factor which determines consumer’s choice of the product is the physical attributes of the product itself. Selling the product by the physical appearance was innovated earlier on the market but is still popular. The cigarette pack becomes a bridge that connects the consumer and the cigarette brand. In a bigger sense this connection is not only tied to the package but mostly to the company. Buying a specific brand makes you a supporter of a particular company. It is not just a regular pack but an indicator of the status, stile, or preferences. Using soft colors, unique fonts, and fashionable objects, the package becomes attractive and a sort of identification role in the society. The cigarette pack is carried all the day; it is exposed to different social groups of people, and becomes a statement about the person himself.