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Cigarette Articles

Types of Cigarette Smokers

The Social Smoker. The Social Smoker in some way is able to use cigarettes only together with alcohol. It is to possible see them in a public place such as bar enjoying several cigarette breaks. Until there is no alcohol in view they just sit in a bar being smoke-free and feeling good. But a regular smoker can smoke a quarter of a pack during this time. The Social Smoker is a person who can keep balance.

The Chainsmoker. The Chainsmoker is the same parts gross and awesome. He/she is that person who lights his/her cigarette immediately after last one. They are those you don't even trouble asking, "Haven't you just smoked one?" Don't take the time trying to comprehend a chainsmoker's tendency for cigarettes. There is no cause as to why one may use an entire pack of cigarettes in a few hours, they can manage.

Cigarette Smoking and Alcohol

The American Ass Smoker. The American Ass Smoker uses either Marlboro Red cigarettes, American Spirits or rolls their own. Their whole 'personal brand' is developed on smoking cigarettes. If such smoker gives up both smoking and country music, they'd turn into another person completely.

The Cautionary Tale. The Cautionary Tale is the person who shows up in TV commercials and advises you not to smoke. The only good thing about The Cautionary Tale is that they in some cases encourage smokers to stop smoking before it is too late, or to never take up smoking in any way.

The Average Joe. The Average Joe smokes usually 8 cigs a day, generally Marlboro Lights or any brand with especially gentle packaging, truly. They can manage not to smoke during long period of time and without worrying about it. The Average Joe states, "I can stop smoking whenever I want." Their smoking culture is so uninteresting that they run the risk of betraying the indefinitely appealing, rebellious spirit that tobacco companies have been attempting to happen over the last years.

The Rehabilitated. The Rehabilitated have frozen their brains out and existed to tell about it. They smoke no more. Smoking even one ciggie might cause them to fall back into the old grooves. They will try to never smoke, but a part of them still believes that cigarettes are attractive. The Rehabilitated normally sit around obsessively examining other people who smoke so as to feel 'a part of things' instead of their favorite habit.