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Terms and Conditions

Welcome to web site. Please review the following principal terms and conditions which determine the usage of the site and rules of and purchase of products from the site. Please note that your subsequent usage of the site assumes that you have been familiarized with the list of terms and conditions and agree to comply with these conditions.

Age Restrictions

We do NOT vend our products to any person under 21 years (for the residents of USA) or 18 years old (for EU residents)!

Quality of offered products guarantees that all products selling at the site are produced by certified manufacturers complying with standards of quality and safety. Thus, the products provide particularly high quality. The site is not liable for any modifications of taste, quality and other features of the available brands, provided that those changes are applied by the manufacturer of that brand.

Order processing

The orders are typically processed within 24 hours after they are placed.

Further Distribution restriction

None of the products available at may be further distributed or resold. The products selling at the site may be used solely personal, non-commercial consumption.


The average delivery term is 10-21 days from the day of shipment. The shipping expenses are included in the aggregate price per carton and stipulated in the order processing page and the FAQ section.


It is deemed that the customers had been familiarized with terms and conditions prior to purchasing products.

Indemnification and Other Guarantee is deemed to provide the required assistance whenever it is needed. For any inquiries, every customer or visitor is asked to contact our Customer Services Center by e-mail.

The store is ready to credit your account or reship the orders free of any charge if the orders are lost, or received package is damaged or any other problem occurred with it. In case any of aforementioned issues take place, our customers shall contact the Customer Services Center to examine the matter. We may credit your account or reship the orders after the completion of internal examination. The deadline for the completion of examination is 30 days from the day of receiving the order status notification.

Financial Warranty

The payments are processed by an autonomous processing company to ensure the highest level of confidentiality and security of payments. However, shall not be liable for any problems or mistakes occurred within the process of placing the order. In case any problems occur, the customers are asked to notify the Customer Services department, enclosing the number of the order and/or the description of the problem. The operators are eager to do their best to resolve all encountered problems.